Brian's Introductory Questions

1. My name is Brian Cui, and I'm a sophmore majoring Studio Arts and Computer Science.

2. With my academic interests lying in arts and computer science, it seems like a no-brainer for me to take this course, as it perfectly combines both fields.

3. Although I have taken CS classes before, I have no previous experience with HTML/CSS/JS.

4. Through this course, I hope to gain foundational insights in the field of UI/UX while learning the technical jargons of HTML/CSS/JS.

5. I expect designing for screen to be more interactive from designing for paper.

6. I think YouTube exemplifies effective communication. Its design is simple yet effective. Having the four essential icons on the left and suggested video contents covering the majority of the screen real estate not only allows the user to easily discover new contents, but also keeps the functionals within reach.

7. I think this case study exemplifies effective communication, as it articulately expresses its narrative while being impactful.

8. I think this portfolio works well, as it clearly highlights the artist's works and experience without being tedious.